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Obscure much of the iconic orgy sequence with dark CGI silhouettes. Jennifer Jason Leigh and David Thewlis. Bernardo Bertolucci Floorfellows: Tony Ward, Bruce La Bruce. Yet most of that comes later. Its censorship serves as a warning, and its images continue to influence the way filmmakers approach and present gay sexuality.

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Natalya Negoda, Andrei Sokolov.

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A combination of rough sex, spurting blood, and Rourke's buttocks got this horror movie an X rating before the scene was trimmed to appeal to the MPAA. For the shower scene, Stallone said they had to get drunk on vodka for filming to commence. Stoffe Svensson, unnamed girl The film Although Sweden has produced more than its fair share of internationally exportable smut, this intimate documentary portrait of two long-haired, free-spirited teens, Stoffe and Kenta, mostly intercuts revealing interview material with footage of their frequently dull existence. Nancy Godfrey, Jim Buckley. She lives with her mom.

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